We designed four (4) care packages that will not only bring great impact, but empower teachers to provide the best learning experience for their students.

Each care package helps promote student participation and engagement in classrooms, improve students physical and mental health, and expose students to problem solving and creativity skills.

Classroom Aids

Great classroom aids help teachers cater to the different ways that students learn.

Teachers will receive items that help with self-direction, group activities, creativity, play and critical thinking.

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Multimedia Kit

The internet has enabled vast knowledge to be accessible in classrooms.

Teachers will receive items that will help turn mass information into audiovisual stimuli and learning aids.

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Sports Kit

 Sports is a great way to shape the physical and mental health of children. 

Teachers will receive items that will help students to get active, participate and to discover their interest in popular sports.

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Digital Maker Kit

 Digital competencies will be a main requirement in all jobs of the future.

Teachers will receive items to aid students in problem solving and creativity skills through coding and robotics. 

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Each BIG GIVE care package is worth RM5,000 and is supplemented with a BIG GIVE Teacher’s Guide